2014. január 20., hétfő

Cane him until he cries

Cruel game for the loser house slave. Mistress Giada and Lady Ann play a game. The know that this idiot like female feet and shoes very much but can't stand the cane. So the rule is that he can kiss mistress Giada sexy feet and shoes as far as he bear the cruel strokes of Lady Ann. The sadist mistress don't make the task easy. She beats as hard as she can and they laugh at him when he screams. The game last until he cries and collapse of the pain.

2013. február 1., péntek

Two mistresses use the stupid male as an ashtray

The ladies have a rest and a smoke with living ashtray. They laugh at the looser and humiliate him while use him.

2011. december 12., hétfő

December videos 1

Here we are again after some time. We made for you some very cruel faceslapping, trampling, caning videos in December with the beautiful and cruel lady Zita. Here are some sample photo. Please check out clips4sale updates.

2011. november 19., szombat

Video On Demand

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Movie c203

This guy called us and begged for some cruel punishment. The only wish was to lick the ladies shoes and sniff the smelly nyloned feet. He got what he deserved. Here is the result : Two mistresses play with the slave a very cruel game. The male is tied to the caning tool totally helpless. One of the mistresses sits leisurely on a chair in front of his face and make him lick her shoes and boots, sniff the pantyhosed feet. They spit into his mouth and use him as an astray seeing the suffering face of the slave while the other mistress at the male's back brutally canes him with heartless full blast strokes. CRUEL CANING MOVIE with humiliation.

2011. november 18., péntek

Movie c205

The big fat slave is here again for the punishment he deserves. He is tied and humbly waits for his superior mistresses. They arrive with two long whip in hand and the cruel merciless punishment begins. They beat him with full blast strokes even from the beginning. VERY CRUEL WHIPPING CLIP.

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Poll result by now

As the poll grows It's more and more interesting. I didn't know that you like face slapping the most. I thought that cruel whipping and caning will win but yes I know: we are at the beginning :) Anyway I'm here to make your dreams come true so we will make more face slapping scenes from the next week. The other important question is that, who is your favorit mistress. To tell the truth Mistress Zita's slaps is the hardest and cruelest but is this enough ? I'm waiting for comments. If you have a good idea share with us

2011. november 16., szerda

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Caned by three mistresses

Brand new caning movie with three pretty mistresses. Mistress Zita, Lady Melissa, and Lady Mia. One of them canes the slave's ass hard while the two other sit in front of the male and humiliate him. They spit on him, tease him with their legs, faceslap him, and laugh aloud at his pain. The more pain for slave the more fun for mistresses.
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2011. november 11., péntek

Best of Whipping

We collected the hardest, most painful whipping scenes of our movies, the Cruelamazons series. Crying, yelling, suffering slaves under the cruel whips of the strict or laughing mistresses. This is a collection for those who like the hard inhuman femdom whipping scenes. The scenes are from the following movies :
- Brutal whipping with Lady Jenny
- Dark scenes
- Lady Ann first time
- The lost race
- Sentences
- Lara the new guardess
- Xmas gift
- Whipping five
- Revenge of sorority
- Kyra's games
- Looser guy whipping

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Best of Caning

Here is the collection of the most painful caning scenes of Cruelamazons series. Crying, yelling, suffering slaves and strict or laughing mistresses. This is a collection for those who like the hard inhuman femdom caning scenes. The scenes are from the following movies :
- Brutal whipping with Lady Jenny
- Kyra's games
- Bonnie and Anastasia
- Common slave
- Cruel Trio
- Full Blast
- Visit a Milady
- Blind date
- Military Drill
- Crying slave
Original Price: $29.99 USD
Length: 71 minutes
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2011. november 10., csütörtök

Afternoon punishment

There is no such a pleasant activity on a nice Sunday afternoon like whip and cane the disguisting slave in the warehouse. Madame Larissa and Black Lady in sexy dresses beat this male as hard as they can with the whips and the canes.

Cruel Brutal corporal punishment !


500 strokes

Slave was rented by Mistress Larissa’s girl-friend but She wasn't so satisfaid with the maid ability so the beautiful blonde Supreme owner of this pathetic male creature canes and whips him to know his place forever in his lowly life. The slave gets more than 500 strokes in this whole movie from his Lady-Owner.

Amateur female domination with real strokes and real marks !